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Air Taxi Service in Pakistan

Air taxi service will begin on June 18, 2023. Sky Wings Chief Operating Officer (COO) Imran Aslam Khan stated on Saturday that Pakistan’s first air taxi service would officially begin on June 18 following the arrival of the company’s two aircrafts in Karachi.

COO Aslam remarked during a press conference following the inaugural event in Karachi that the online application for the air taxi service would be accessible in a few days.

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The COO stated that through the air taxi service, rapid arrivals and departures to isolated places across the country may be made on an urgent basis. He said that there were approximately 29 airstrips positioned throughout the country for ticketing and landing purposes, with nearly eight of them fully operational.

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He stated that both a foreign and a Pakistani company were consulted in the development of the programme. “It is highly delightful that the results of the Pakistani company’s developed application are outstanding,” he added, adding that the same Pakistani company’s programme would be used for the service.

Sky Wings CEO Captain Asim Nawaz claimed that multinational firms were also approaching them about investing in the company.

In addition to the country’s nine public and private airports, the service will operate from Rahim Yar Khan and Balochistan.

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CEO Nawaz stated that the service would be gradually spread across the country.

According to the CEO, the Sky Wings Electric Air Vehicles (EAVs) in the aviation fleet can fly at a speed of 300 kilometres per hour and at a height of 14,000 feet during the journey.

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