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Bus Routes in Karachi: Enhancing Public Transportation for a Better Commute

Karachi, the bustling metropolis of Pakistan, is home to millions of residents who rely on public transportation to navigate its busy streets. Among the various modes of transportation available in the city, buses play a vital role in providing affordable and accessible transit options to the masses. In this article, we will explore the significance of well-designed bus routes in Karachi and how they can contribute to a better commuting experience for its residents.

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Bus Routes Karachi

S.NoBus NameRouts
011-BNazimabd, Bara Maidan, Lasbela, Lawrence Road, Barness Street, Bandar Road, Tower
021-CM.P.R Colony, Qasba Colony, Banaras Colony, Pathan Colony, S.I.T.E, Habib Bank, Bismillah Hotel, Gandhi Garden, Garden Road, Plaza, Regal, Shahra-e-Liaquat, National Museum, Tower, Sultanabad
031-FNaval Colony, Mauripur, Gulbai Chowk, Tower, Juna Market, Ramswami, Garden Bara Board, Valika, Orangi Township No. 10
041-GM.W Tower, Frere Road, Sadar, Numaish, Goro Mandir, Teen Hatti, Liaquat No. 10, Petrol Pump, Nazimabad No. 2, Gandhi Chowk, Paposh Nagar, Abdullah College, Metro Cinema, Data Chowk Orangi Town
0511-CAzam Basti, Corporation, Kalapul, Jinnah Hospital, Saddar, 7th Day Hospital, Numaish, Guru Mandir, Islamia College, Jail Road, New Town Police Station, Sabzi Mandi, Civic Centre, Urdu College, N.I.P.A Chowrangi, Safari Park, University Road, Safoora Goth
062-DFederal B. Area, Noorani Masjid, Peoples Colony, Imam Bara, Humayun Road, K.D.A Office, North Nazimabad, Board Office, Nazimabad No. 7, Petrol Pump, Lasbella, Sabil Wali Masjid, Soldier Bazar, Saddar, Frere Road, M.W Tower, Noorani Masjid
0717-JBabar Market, Landhi No. 3 1/2, Landhi No. 5, Korangi No. 6, Korangi No. 5, Korangi No. 3, Korangi No. 1, Korangi Crossing, Qayumabad, Akhtak Colony, Defence Society, Kala Pul, Jinnah Hospital, Luck Star Hotel, Hijaz Dairy Farm
082-KNorth Nazimabad Block M, Shahra-e-Jehangir, Water Pump, Hyderi, Paposh Nagar, Bara Maidan, Nazimabad No. 2, Petrol Pump, Guru Mandir, Saddar, Burns Road, Mereweather Tower, Keamari
0922-ARashidabad, Bihar Colony, Ghani Chowrangi, Shershah, Chakiwara, Lee Market, Herchandrai Road, Haji camp Road, Nishter Road, Baba-e-urdu, Frere Road, Court Road, Sarwar shaheed Road, Shahrah-e-iraq, Masjid-e-khizra, Burns Road, M.A jinnah Road, Cantt Station
1022-BAgra taj Colony, Kalri, Baghdadi, Meesa lane, Kharadar, Khajeer Bazar, Lea Market, Purani haji camp, Ranchore lines, Sho Market, Garden, Pakistan quaters, Khaja jamat khana, Lasbela, Teen hatti, New Town, Liaquat hospital, Dhoraji society, National stadium, National Cement Factory, Naval Quaters, Labour Quaters, Drigh Road, Natha khan Goth, Air Port, Malir, Landhi, Quaidabad, Qazafi Town
114-CNew Karachi Block 5-F, Industrial Area, Karimabad, Liaquatabad, Teen Hatti, Goro Mandir, M.A Jinnah Road, Bandar Road, Preedy Street, Police Station, Saddar
1220Shirin jinnah Colony, Clifton, Mehata palace, Clifton bridge, Bagh-e-jinnah, Metropole hotel, Lucky star, Saddar, Garden, Old golimar, Bara Board, Habib bank, Valika stop, Police Station, S.I.T.E, Labour square, Rashidabad
131-DIttehad Town, Torri Chowk Sector II, Orangi Township, Banaras Colony, Pathan Colony, Petrol Pump, Liaquatabad No. 10, Liaquatabad, Post Office, Teen Hatti, Jehangir Road, Empress Market, Cantt Station
144New Karachi, K.D.A Office, Al-Hyderi, State Bank Quarters, Board Office, Nazimabad No 1, Petrol Pump, Lasbela, Ranchor Line, Juna Market, Napier Road, Tower
154-HSurjani Town, Yosuf Goth, Lal Market, New Karachi, Water Pump, Karimabad, Liaquatabad No. 10, Teen Hatti, Goro Mandir, 7th Day Hospital, Empress Market, Lucky Star, Jinnah Hospital, Cantt Stations, Clifton Bridge, Gizri, Sea View
161-HGulshan-e-Bahar, Orangi Sector No. 14, Orangi Sector No. 13, Orangi Sector No. 7, Orangi Sector No. 5, Qadafi Chowk, Qasba Mour, Banaras Colony, Valika Hospital, Valika Mill, Habib Bank, S.I.T.E, Post Office, Maroon Mill, Laltain Factory, Ghani Chowk, Shershah, Miran Naka, Chakiwara, Lee Market, Kharadar, Jamat Khana, Tower, Kemari
1719-DFaqir Colony, Ruby cinema, Hub river Road, Shershah, Chakiwara, Lee Market, Haji camp, Jamila street, Nishter Road, Baba-e-urdu Road, Shahrah-e-liaquat, Fresco Chowk, Mohammad bin qasim Road, M.A jinnah Road, Mansfield street, Empress Market, Mir karam Ali Talpur Road, Wellington Street, Cantt Station, Clifton, Delhi Colony, Gizri
184-JNai Abadi, Saleem Centre, Nagan Chowrangi, Sakhi Hassan, Hyderi, Board Office, Petrol Pump, Liaquatabad No 10, Teen Hatti, Goro Mandir, M.A Jinnah Road, Tower
194-KKali Market, New Karachi, K.D.A Office, Al-Hyderi, State Bank Quarters, Nazimabad No 7, Petrol Pump, Lasbela, Gurumandir, Namaish Chowrangee, Saddar, Empress Market, Regal, Tibet Centre, Bander Road, Tower
204-LMaymar Complex, Al-Asif Plaza, Sohrab Goth, Water Pump, Karimabad, Liaquatabad, Teen Hatti, Numaish, Saddar, Empress Market, Bruns Road, M.A.Jinnah Road, Tower
214-SSurjani Town, Two Minutes Chowrangi, Saleem Centre, U.P Mour, Nagan Chowrangi, Shadman Town, Sakhi Hassan, Hyderi, Board Office, Nazimabad No. 7, Nazimabad No. 6, Nazimabad Chowrangi, Lasbela House, Goro Mandir, Numaish, M.A Jinnah Road, Eidgah, Tower
225Al-Noor Society, Gulberg, Water Pump, Aisha Manzil, Karimabad Chowrangi, Liaquatabad, Teen Hatti, P.I.B Colony, Jamshed Road, Goro Mandir, Numaish Chowrangi, M.A Jinnah Road, Bandar Road, Keamari
2352-ALabour Square, Gul Mohammad Chowrangi, Metropolitan Steel Corporation, Qazafi Town, Quaidabad, Landhi, Malir City, Drigh Road, Jail Road, Nishter Road, Lee Market, Agha Khan Jamat Khana, G.Allana Road, Kheja Jamat Khana, Dockyard, Fisheries
245-CGulberg Chowrangi, Rahimabad, K.D.A Pump House, Wahadat Colony, Saghirabad, Nasirabad, Dastagir Colony, Azizabad, Aisha Manzil, Karimabad, Liaquatabad, Teen Hatti, Goro Mandir, M.A Jinnah Road, Saddar, Empress Market, Bruns Road, Tower
255-DMusa Colony, Federal B. Area, Liaquatabad No. 10, Teen Hatti, Goro Mandir, Old Exhibition, Empress Market, Frere Road, Buns Road, Bandar Road, Tower, Dockyard
266Fayyaz Plaza, Dastagir Colony, Azizabad, Karimabad, Liaquatabad, Teen Hatti, Goro Mandir, M.A Jinnah Road, Saddar, Empress Market, Bruns Road, Tower
276-BYasinabad Alliaabad, Hussainabad, Karimabad, Liaquatabad No. 10, Petrol Pump, Nazimabad Chowrangi, Golimar, Lasbela, Goro Mandir, M.A Jinnah Road, Saddar, Buns Road, Light House, Tower
287-CDockyard, Aga Khan Jamat Khana, Lee Market, Chakiwra, Miran Naka, Shershah, Taj Silk Mill, Habib Bank, Bara Board, Muslim League Quarters, Nazimabad Chowrangi, Liaquatabad Post Office, Liaquatabad No. 10, Karimabad, Imam Bara, Ziauddin Hospital, Peoples Chowrangi, Saifee Technology College, Bufferzone
2960Sindhi Hotel New Karachi, Manhgopir Road, Banaras Colony, Valika Mills, Bara Board, Rexer Lines, Dhobi Ghat, Faqir Mohammad Durra Khan Road, Herchandrai Road, Lee Market
307-HKeamari, Tower, Bolton Market, Eidgah, Ranchore Lane, Garden, Lasbella, Postoffice, Sindhi Hotel, New Town, Civic Centre, N.I.P.A, University Road, Safora Goth, Tokyo Terrace Plaza
318P.I.B Colony, Hyderabad Colony, Goro Mandir, M.A Jinnah Road, Bandar Road, Tower
328AP.I.B Colony, Hyderabad Colony, Goro Mandir, M.A Jinnah Road, Frere Street, Preedy Street, Frere Road, Ingle Road, Mcleod Road, Napier Road, Keamari
S.NoBuses NameRouts
01UTS-12Malir (Kohkrapar) to Tower (The areas include; Kohkrapar, Saudaabad, Kalaboard, Main Shrah-e-Faisal, Airport, Natakhan, Drig Road, Karsaz, Balouch Colony, Nursery, Regent Plaza, Sadder, Zanib Market, Shehen Complex, I.I. Chundrigar Road, and Tower)
02UTS-13(The areas include; Kohkrapar, Saudaabad,Liqat Market, Jinnah Square, Malir City, Kalaboard, Main Shrah-e-Faisal, Airport, Natakhan, Drig Road, Rashid Minhas Road, Millennium Mall, NIPA, Gulshan Chowrangi, Sohrab Goth, Nagan Chowrangi, baradari, surjani town
01CNG-1Surjani to Tower (The areas include; surjani town, baradari, nagan chowrangi, hyderi, nazimabad, Lasbela, Gurumandir, M.A jinnah road, Numaish, Urdu Bazaar, Jama cloth, Boltan Market, and Tower)
02CNG-2Surjani to Korangi (The areas include; Surjani town, Baradari, Nagan chowrangi, Bufferzone, Sohrabgoth, Rasid Minhas Road,Gulshan chowrangi, NIPA, Millennium mall, Drig Road, Sharah-e-Faisal,Nathakhan, Shah-faisal express way, Korangi Industrial area, till Korangi crossing)
03CNG-3Sujani to Gulshan-e-Maymar
04CNG-4Gulshan-e-Maymar to Liaquatabad

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The Importance of Bus Routes in Karachi

With the ever-increasing population and urban sprawl, efficient public transportation is crucial for easing traffic congestion and reducing the environmental impact of private vehicles. Bus routes, when properly planned and executed, offer a cost-effective and sustainable solution for the city’s transportation needs. They can connect various neighborhoods, commercial centers, and educational institutions, making it easier for people to move around the city.

Planning Efficient Bus Routes

Creating an effective bus route network involves careful planning, considering factors such as population density, commuter patterns, and existing infrastructure. City planners and transportation authorities need to analyze data and conduct surveys to identify high-demand areas and potential bottlenecks. By understanding the needs of the commuters, they can design routes that cater to the majority and ensure optimal coverage.

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Challenges in Implementing Bus Routes

While the concept of bus routes seems promising, there are challenges in their implementation. One significant hurdle is the chaotic traffic conditions that prevail in Karachi. The irregular flow of vehicles and reckless driving can disrupt bus schedules and lead to delays, frustrating passengers. Additionally, ensuring the safety and security of commuters on public transport remains a priority.

Benefits of Well-Designed Bus Routes

When executed correctly, a well-designed bus route system offers several advantages. It encourages more people to use public transportation, reducing the overall number of private vehicles on the roads. This, in turn, contributes to lower emissions and improved air quality. Moreover, reliable bus routes enhance accessibility, particularly for individuals who cannot afford private cars or motorbikes.

The Impact of Bus Routes on Traffic Congestion

One of the primary benefits of efficient bus routes is their potential to alleviate traffic congestion. As more people opt for buses, there will be fewer single-occupancy vehicles on the roads, leading to smoother traffic flow. This can result in reduced travel times for both bus commuters and private vehicle users. Furthermore, the decreased reliance on personal vehicles can lower the demand for parking spaces in congested areas.

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Enhancing Public Transportation Experience

Beyond creating practical bus routes, enhancing the overall public transportation experience is crucial. This involves maintaining clean and comfortable buses, ensuring adherence to schedules, and providing clear route information to passengers. Installing digital displays at bus stops can inform commuters about arrival times, making the waiting experience more convenient.

The Future of Bus Routes in Karachi

As Karachi continues to grow and evolve, the importance of reliable public transportation will only increase. The city authorities must invest in developing a modern and comprehensive bus route system that addresses the needs of its expanding population. Integrating technology into public transport, such as contactless payment systems and real-time tracking, can further improve the overall commuting experience.

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In conclusion, well-planned and efficiently implemented bus routes are instrumental in improving public transportation in Karachi. They offer numerous benefits, including reduced traffic congestion, lower emissions, and enhanced accessibility for all residents. As the city strives to become more sustainable and commuter-friendly, investing in the development of a robust bus route network is a step in the right direction.


  1. Are bus routes the most effective solution for reducing traffic congestion?
    When well-designed and widely adopted, bus routes can significantly contribute to reducing traffic congestion by encouraging more people to use public transportation.
  2. What measures can be taken to enhance the safety of bus commuters?
    To enhance safety, it is essential to have well-trained drivers, implement regular vehicle maintenance checks, and install surveillance cameras on buses.
  3. How can technology be integrated into bus routes?
    Technology can be integrated by introducing real-time tracking systems, contactless payment options, and providing commuters with bus route information through mobile apps.
  4. Do bus routes help in promoting sustainable transportation?
    Yes, bus routes promote sustainable transportation by reducing the number of private vehicles on the roads and subsequently lowering carbon emissions.
  5. What is the future of public transportation in Karachi?
    The future of public transportation in Karachi lies in embracing smart technologies, expanding the bus route network, and continuously striving to improve the overall commuting experience.

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